iDygest: Apple Hit With $625 Million Judgment in Patent Suit Over Cover Flow, Spotlight, Time Machine

A federal jury in Tyler, Texas ordered Apple (AAPL) to pay damages to Mirror Worlds LLC for infringing patents that company holds on how documents are displayed on a computer screen, Bloomberg reports. 1

Bloomberg reports that Apple is challenging a verdict issued in a patent lawsuit last Friday that has seen the company hit with a penalty of as much as $625.5 million for infringing patents with its Cover Flow, Spotlight, and Time Machine technologies. 2

Mirror Worlds, a software business started by a Yale University computer-science professor David Gelernter, claimed that Apple’s Cover Flow and Time Machine display methods infringed on its patents, and was awarded $208.5 million in damages for each of the patents infringed. 3

Apple asked the court for an emergency stay of a verdict that could cost the company over $625 million.

[ Image courtesy of: Mac Stories ]