Band With No Instruments Rocks NYC Subway With Their Phones

OK Go has its doggies and its treadmills, but another rock quartet has just found a way to take their own act viral.

Last week, Brooklyn-based band Atomic Tom pulled a stunt on a moving subway train that should probably be an iPhone commercial, and should definitely generate countless new fans for the rockers.

Say what you will about hipsters being nothing but annoying posers: Using only apps to play their debut album’s upbeat single "Take Me Out" on their gadgets, these musicians brought a mind-blowing amount of creativity (not to mention that fundamental staple of any good band — teamwork) to an otherwise mundane day on the B train. The premise that they lost their instruments to a nefarious thief is superfluous; the performance really speaks for itself.

And if the whole touring-to-promote-a-new-album thing doesn’t work out, they can always launch into an encore on the next downtown train to make a few extra bucks.