The NAMM Show 2011

The NAMM Show 2011

Anaheim Convention Center, California

The first large-scale MI event on the annual MI calendar, the NAMM show attracts over 85,000 people every year for a number of very good reasons. As a business trip, it comes very close to the top and next time around, the organisers will be ‘taking it to 11.’

The annual NAMM Show at California’s Anaheim Convention Center is one of the world’s largest MI trade shows, with around 85,000 registrants from 100 countries attending and over 1,400 exhibitors use the event every year to launch some of their most important and exciting products of the year.

Retailers clearly see the benefit too, with 94.4% of them saying the show influences their buying decisions and 95.7% say they place orders at the show, or as a direct result of it.

Manufacturers and distributors can connect with their current dealer partners and meet face-to-face with potential new buyers. Over half of the exhibitors from previous years felt they had gained or retained market share, thanks to their NAMM experience. Last year pulled in more than 87,000 MI professionals, creating an ideal networking environment for all involved and a platform for people to share ideas, experience and passion with like-minded individuals.

NAMM U is a free customized business training service available over the four days, which offers the sort of professional development sessions that would usually be highly expensive and are specifically aimed at tackling a variety of issues affecting everyone in the MI industry.

The above factors are just some of the reasons why so many in the industry, from all corners of the globe feel it’s worthwhile making the long trip to California every year. For more information, visit the NAMM website here.