Boxee Box To Land On November 10th

Loyal users of Boxee can rejoice as the Boxee Box will be released on November 10, 2010. Boxee is known as the first “social” media center which will continue to change the way people consume media. Boxee has the ability to work on several different operating systems such as Apple Macintosh, Linux, Windows and Apple TV (via a third party developer). The Boxee Box, connected to an HDTV, will give people a truly connected digital entertainment experience to enjoy movies, TV shows, music and photos, as well as streaming content from websites like Netflix, MLB.TV, Comedy Central, Pandora,, and flickr.

The actual Box supports a wide variety of formats, such as H.264, MKV, DivX, VC-1, and Flash 10.1. The Boxee desktop software features Twitter, Facebook, Pandora,, Picasa, Flickr, and more. It also has HDMI, S/PDIF, RCA connectors, two USB ports, an SD card slot, gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Fully capable of broadcasting in 1080p, the price for the Boxee Box will be in the $200 range and available online through sites like or at local stores such as Best Buy.

Many of the apps you can access on the web or via your mobile phone will be available through the Boxee box. Included in the long list of apps are Funny or Die, College Humor, MTV, Digg, University courses, panel discussions, TED Talks, Current TV, Stanford Online,, and the list goes on. The TED Talks are actually an interesting feature to be able to access and proves that this is more than just a movie/tv show streaming device, but rather another way to increase knowledge. The web browser is similar to IE or Safari, but optimized to work with a QWERTY remote and your HDTV, seamlessly.

The Boxee box will also allow you to access any files on your computer/network and stream them right through the device. Combine that feature with an additional feature that allows you to see what your friends are watching through Facebook, Twitter and the Boxee network. You know have a nice eco-system of media sharing and watching that will end up being significantly less that your monthly cable bill. Maybe now is the time to ditch Direct TV or Time Warner and control all the TV and movies you want to watch. Meet us in the comments section with your thoughts.

by Amani