iPad Set to Get First Major OS Update

iPad Set to Get First Major OS Update

While iOS 4.2 for iPad has not been officially released yet, there are leaked versions out there which show a bunch of major updates for Apple’s popular tablet device. Most notable are multitasking, Airplay, wireless printing, a unified inbox, and folders.

Multitasking: Similar to the iPhone and iPod Touch, you now have “multitasking” support on the iPad. This lets you switch between running apps without stopping off at the home screen. Once you’ve double-tapped the Home button to switch apps, a swipe to the right brings up audio controls. On the iPad, this section also includes rotation lock, volume, and brightness controls.

Folders: Stuff multiple apps into folders to save space on your home screen. While iPhone folders hold 12 apps, iPad folders can handle 20.

Email: All of your email accounts now show up in one place. Gmail users now have the option to archive emails instead of deleting them, as it should be.

Game Center: Apple’s social gaming hub now appears on the iPad. Icons for the “top Game Center games” appear around your scoreboard and link to the App Store.

AirPrint: This feature makes it possible to print wirelessly from your iPad. It will automatically discover the printers and let you print over the network. I think their is magic involved.

AirPlay: This features will let you stream media directly to your Apple TV, AirPort Express, or other AirPlay-compatible device.

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by rahsheen