Pro Tools 9 Software-Only Solution Launches Today

Avid’s Pro Tools is getting a major upgrade tomorrow. It’s probably the most well-known audio creation, editing, and production software and is featured in most major studios. The main drawback for Pro Tools has been the startup cost and system requirements.

Currently, you need a decent computer, an external audio interface, and the software itself installed on the computer. Now, with Pro Tools 9, they are changing the game by removing the need to have an extra piece of hardware. Pro Tools 9 makes things a bit more open by providing a software-only solution that will run on Avid audio interfaces, third-party audio interfaces, or no hardware at all if you’re on a Mac or PC. This significantly lowers the bar even further for those of us running home studios.

In addition to spreading across more computers, Pro Tools will be including more professional grade plug-ins out-of-the-box and makes collaborating with others much easier. The new Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD software will be available worldwide Tomorrow and will run you about $599 USD.

viaAvid Newsroom

by rahsheen