Google Voice App Comes to iPhone

It’s been a long hard road full of twists, turns, Apple, Google, and the government. Finally, iPhone users can rejoice and install the free and official Google Voice app for iPhone. According to TechCrunch, it was well worth the wait:

Yes, the app is real, it’s approved, and it should be live at this link. The official Google Voice for the iPhone is here. And it’s wonderful. Yes, it was even worth that insane wait.

As a Google Voice fan and phone-carrying member of #teamandroid, I can’t imagine what life would be like without Google Voice. The iPhone app is free and faster than what’s currently available. It’s also pretty, like most iPhone apps tend to be.

If you’ve used GV on Android or elsewhere, everything should seem familiar. The main difference is that you have to manually start the app to make a call because it’s not able to take over the Phone application. Incoming calls come through just as any other forwarded call.

by rahsheen