TuneLink Auto for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Though the price is going to turn off some users, we have to give New Potato at least a golf clap for TuneLink Auto ($100): the company’s really thinking about how to evolve the traditional in-car FM transmitter in new and better ways. Taking a page from Griffin’s iTrip DualConnect, New Potato is selling what initially appears to be a charger with an integrated FM transmitter and line-out capability, letting you effectively listen to your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone in any car with an FM radio or an aux-in port, using a free app for FM tuning. Evolutions start with the 2.1-Amp charging support, which expands TuneLink Auto for full iPad charging compatibility, and continue with a Bluetooth transceiver, which can pair with more than one iPad, iPhone, or iPod to stream music to your stereo without making a physical connection. New Potato bundles the TuneLink Auto charger with a Dock Connector charging cable and an auxiliary audio cable. We’re going to really need to test this one before we can speak to issues such as sound quality, but the feature set is definitely intriguing.