Skullcandy Enlists Mix Master Mike For Exclusive Headphones Collaboration

Skullcandy, the Utah-based company who’s long line of headphones is becoming ever-more-popular, has just teamed up with Mix Master Mike for an exclusive set of headphones called The Mix Master.

In an unprecedented 16-month collaboration, the collaborate headphones were developed hand-in-hand with DJ Mix Master Mike, of Beastie Boys fame.

"The headphones are the truth," said Mike.

Below are some of the Mix Master’s patented features:

§ Dual channel cue control when a single ear cup articulate, drive the entire mix into one ear.

§ Ambidextrous audio inputs, so you can run your cord either ring or wrong handed.

§ One-touch mute allowing you to silence the loud to check the crowd.

§ Huge 50mm drives.

§ Plush soft-touch ear pads.

§ Extra cable with in-line mic and music control.

§ Rugged 3-piece folding body constructed of ABS, polycarbonate, stainless steel and aluminum.

"The Skullcandy Mix Master has fused the best in audio with the best in turnbalism, to create masterful sound, futuristic style and the most groundbreaking DJ headphone ever…" said Skullcandy.

Skullcandy also boasts exclusive partnerships with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation, along with some of the top NBA stars like Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Deron Williams.