SGI’s ICE Cube Air Modular Data Centers can be deployed anywhere, even in the hood

SGI is a shadow of its former self, selling its name to Rackable Systems and appearing in some disgraceful situation comedies. We like to remember the old, harder, edgier SGI, a pioneer in the computer graphics industry when it came straight outta Sunnyvale in the ’80s. Now it’s back, launching the ICECubeAirModularDataCenter, capable of housing four racks and expandable up to 80 and a total of 97,920 cores and 143.36PB of storage. Each unit is almost entirely self-sufficient, requiring only power and a supply of water, which can come from a plain old garden hose. Cost starts at $99,000, which isn’t cheap, but we went ahead and ordered four.

ByTim Stevens