Q-Tip Explains Gripe With A Tribe Called Quest Documentary

Last week Q-Tip tweeted his dislike for the forthcoming A Tribe Called Quest documentary. This week, the rapper took to Shade 45 to explain what his gripe with the clip is.

Q-Tip Tweets Against A Tribe Called Quest Documentary

“I can’t really go too much into it, but what I will say is, a lot of people when they looka t that, they automatically assume I’m speaking just as the subject, that I’m not supporting it ’cause I ain’t like it,” Q-Tip told new morning host Elliott Wilson. “I’m a producer on the film, Tribe is a producer on the film. I’m speaking for the whole group… Different things need to be done edit-wise. The sentiment of the film is there, 80% is there, it’s just not done.”

A Tribe Called Quest Documentary Trailer Hits The Net

Q-Tip also insinuated that Michael Rapaport might be rushing into the release because he is not an experienced director. “It’s tough when you are an up-and-coming director and you’re working on something out of your pocket, you kinda wanna see it… and you start speeding a little,” he said. “Not saying that’s the case, but, one can connect the dots. It’s not done yet… It’s just that simple.”

There goes that. To hear the rest of the interview, check out rapradar.com.