People go artistic after the recent Facebook’s new profile design

The recent profile revamp by Facebook was received by mixed bag of feelings from people around the planet. On one side people still seem to busy busy discussing what else could have been added into the new profile design of Facebook while on the other side there are some artistic brains that have come up with profile innovations that are simply amazing.

A French artist, Alexandre Oudin, seems to have come up with a uniquely designed Facebook profile which might just become the next big thing for every Facebook user. Once you observe the image above then all that you get to see that it is a set of images that has been well cropped and placed at right places to make it look like a background image over which the Facebook profile shows.

This profile by Alexandre Oudin very well uses the new feature introduced by Facebook where the latest 5 tagged photographs of the respective user show in the top of his/her profile page.

Though the overly simple blue+white page of Facebook sometimes proves to be a bit boring for people who are on a high still I think with innovations of above style the newly introduced Facebook page is also going to get plenty of fame plus demand.

[via TechCrunch]