Misa Digital’s stringless Kitara goes up for pre-order: $849 for a truly unique musical instrument

Remember the Misa Digital Guitar? Well, it’s called the Kitara now, it’s taken on a fresh lick of paint, and it’s ready to be pre-ordered now for an April delivery. The Kitara discards old fashioned strings and has you strumming along on a multitouch display instead, populating the fretboard with a litany of buttons that modify the aural output from your digital input. It has an onboard synthesizer, but the real magic will happen once you plug it into your own audio equipment and start experimenting. Basically, it’s like the Kinect of electronic music — just needs a few inventive souls to harness its potential properly. They’ll need fat wallets too, mind you, as turning this invention into a viable product has meant a lofty $849 starting price in the US. See a video demo and the full Kitara press release after the break.

ByVlad Savoy