New Line of Bob Marley-Inspired Audio Equipment Supports Charity

Music legend Bob Marley spent his life promoting unity and world peace. In honor of their father, Bob Marley’s family has created a line of special audio products that will help to further his vision. On January 6, the House of Marley will launch eco-friendly headphones and iPod docking stations at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The proceeds will go the 1love Foundation.

1Love is a movement sponsored by Bob Marley’s sons and daughters. On the site, his daughter Cedella explains the inspiration for one love:

In honor of our father’s legacy and extraordinary life and mission, my brothers, sisters and I created 1Love. It’s a global movement dedicated to spreading his positive message to a new generation of “Young Gongs” who are ready to strike the hammer for charities, causes and ideas that can change the world.

In addition to promoting world peace and unity, 1love provides a variety of ways for supporters to give back to their communities. 1love provides financial support to a variety of charities including UNEP, Charity: Water, The African Leadership Academy and Invisible Children. All charitable donations to 1Love help to support these organizations and the causes that they represent. Through their giving center, fans can give a monetary gift and receive a gift in return. Gifts include fedora hats, a set of premium Marley Coffees and Lion Crest brand luggage.

For those who like to give through service, 1love also has Marley Missions, an initiative that encourages Bob Marley fans to carry out one small good deed every day. At the MissionCenter of the site, fans can accept a mission and share their results on the site as well as on Twitter and Facebook. Although this month’s featured mission is Overcome With Kindness, other active missions include playing Bob Marley music, giving good advice and making beautiful crafts. The missions are simple enough to create a viral movement if enough people participate.

1Love has recently been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on ABC News. To find out more about 1love and their sponsorship partners you can visit their website. And staying connected to 1Love is easy through their extremely active Facebook and their brand new Twitter account.

by Andy Monroe