20 Grand to Watch Films at Home the Same Day They Hit Theaters?

While studios begin experimenting with the way they release films after they’ve already hit theaters by (among other things) charging premium VOD prices (in the $20-30 range) to folks who want to watch a film at home only a few weeks after its initial release, a new service is taking it up a notch by bringing movies into people’s homes the same day they hit theaters. The catch is that the potential customers for this service will need to be … well, filthy rich.

Prima Cinema Inc. is the new start-up company behind the service, which would charge a one-time fee of $20,000 in order to install what they call a “digital-delivery system”, and then there would be an additional $500 fee per film. The Wall Street Journalsays that Prima wants to attract “the world’s best-appointed living rooms”, which may limit the market a bit, sure, but, like Universal’s Adam Fogelson points out, it’s such a niche market that it shouldn’t harm “any of our existing partners or revenue streams.”

While some argue that this could help increase pirating since no digital deliver service is secure, we’ll argue that all it does is increase laziness and help promote America’s ultimate goal to never have to leave the house for anything. Meanwhile, the studios haven’t signed off on this yet, and won’t until Prima officially launches next year. Even then, expect for there to be hold-outs and exceptions to the rule, but for now we’ll simply ask: Can a service like this become successful, or is the market for it simply too small?